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.august 3, 2015.
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August 3, 2015
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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Some general-contracting construction projects follow form; others do not.
Consider what Joe and Sheila Kovach, the general-contractor team of Cleveland, Ohio-based Epiq Construction Services, Inc., accomplished the past several years: Seamlessly working with property owners, architects, prospective tenants, city officials, and a diverse group of sub-contractors and suppliers, they managed the $1.5 million transformation of the Kearsarge, an abandoned 120-year-old barge, into a strikingly innovative “floating” office – on Lake Erie.
In recognition of Epiq’s efforts, the Northern Ohio Chapter of NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association, recently awarded the company its 2014 Award of Excellence. Annually, NAIOP honors the “best and brightest in the local commercial real estate community.”
The office, now known as The No. 225 Barge, is adjacent to a vintage World War II submarine, the USS Cod, with a breathtaking view of downtown Cleveland’s skyline and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.
Renovation was in two phases. The first phase focused on turning the existing 8,300 square feet of the former Hornblower’s Barge & Grill into office space – for tenants LeanDog Software and Arras Keathley Advertising.
Unexpectedly, part of this phase was Epiq’s handling emergency work to repair damage in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. This included roof replacement, new interior finishes, installation of deeper, stronger pilings, repairing of all shore-supplied utilities and installing new gangways that connect the barge to land.
The second phase involved creating 1,700 square feet of additional space on the barge’s second floor, including floor-to-ceiling glass offices. As a final project, the company will soon be called in to enhance the structure’s rooftop “entertainment” space.
“The project,” Epiq’s Joe Kovach said, “was an intriguing, challenging and rewarding experience. The continuous collaboration with the client and our countless ‘brainstorming’ sessions allowed for the creation of very unique, innovative, and quite frankly, spectacular office space, far exceeding the expectations of all involved.”
“The most rewarding personal experience is the friendships that were forged with the clients.”
“Epiq’s input was indispensable,” Arras Keathley’s Jim Hickey added.
Since its founding, Epiq Construction has served as a construction manager and general contractor for a range of projects, including retail plazas, office buildings, financial institutions and childcare facilities. It offers clients more than 35 years of combined experience as construction professionals.
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August 3, 2015

Epiq is a certified CSB, FBE, LPE firm.