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All things considered, Epiq is your best choice.

Epiq Construction provides General Contracting services for clients managing all aspects of the construction process from public bidding to invitation only private bidding to negotiated lump sum and cost plus projects. Epiq Construction has an extensive network of subcontractors that have proven time and time again their commitment to quality, on time completion and on-budget performance to our projects.

We get it done right. On time. And on budget.

Epiq also has the ability to self-perform several portions of the project which allows us to keep overall project costs down by minimizing subcontractor mark-ups and improving control and management of your project.

We take pride in everything we do.

Our collaboration with our clients and subcontractors make our firm the perfect partner for your project needs.
We believe your project’s success is a measure of our success.
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"Epiq was there overseeing all sub contractors as the work progressed insuring that the work was done properly..."